Online jobs in South Africa

How to find the remote job or side hustle that suits your lifestyle?

If you want to ensure that you set yourself up for success in your online job or side hustle then you’ve got to consider which category you fall in to. There are 2 predominant ways in which you can adopt the remote working or side hustle lifestyle: Full-time as your main source of income or part-time as a side hustle and passive income stream.

So say you want to work online, full-time or part-time. You’ll need to have the basic tools in place and a quiet space where you can do your work from on a daily basis. Depending on the type of role or opportunity you’ve picked, you’ll need anything from just a smartphone through to stable fiber internet, a decent laptop, smartphone with a calling plan (like Cell C’s prepaid 240mins to any network for R99) and a desk in a room where you can make your calls.

You’ll need to dedicate time every day to put the work in to your hustle while managing all the daily tasks and chores while at home. So we suggest taking the time to consider all the options before you start applying. Make sure you have enough resources to keep you going while you’re establishing yourself because it will be well worth it once the rewards start rolling in.

Once you’ve weighed all the options, it’s time to start looking for the right online job in South Africa. Think about whether you want to get into a selling a product or providing a service as each comes with it’s own requirements and benefits. Then think about the capacity in which you want to approach your side hustle or remote job and how your lifestyle and resources support the opportunity.

Online jobs in South Africa
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