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Always be alert online.

It’s well-known that the benefits of working online are great; the speed at which business is conducted and the ways in which companies recruit grow exponentially each year, giving thousands in South Africa the opportunity to earn a living, however, there is a darker side, too. 

In this post we cover the good and not-so-great sides of online jobs in South Africa and we help you gear yourself for success and security online. As with many tips for online safety, it starts with applying the basic principles which you would use in your daily face-to-face interactions. Have you ever given a stranger your bank card? Probably not. So be vigilant when interacting online and follow these rules:



– Be vigilant. Always assume that promises of quick money are always too good to be true.
– Ask questions. If you would like more information on any opportunity offered by a company or individual, all you need to do is ask.
– Prepare a good looking CV. Do you really want to stand out? A solid 2-3 page CV which summarizes your digital know-how is what you need.


– Never ever include your ID number or sensitive information in your CV. Ever. All sensitive info should be available on request.
– Don’t attach any documents with sensitive info, certificates and reference letters can also be made available on request.
– Spray ‘n Pray. Don’t blast your CV out to every single opportunity out there, we’d recommend taking your time to identify the right opportunities.


If you’ve considered getting an online job in South Africa then you know about the benefits, but you may have not considered what to look out for. So please be vigilant in your search for the suitable side hustle and follow our guidelines in this article. Don’t let the dont’s stop you from the do’s.

Online jobs in South Africa
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