These are some of the things you'll need to be successful in your online job.

If you want to ensure you make money from an online job then you’ve got to invest the time and resources – it’s still a job after all regardless of whether you’re reporting to a boss or not. With an online job or side hustle you become the boss and the entire management team, so all key decisions are in your hands – it could be things like whether or not you invest in tools for your trade or whether you reinvest your profit to scale your business.

Here are a few must-haves on the remote working industry:


By far the greatest asset to any investor. Working online in an independent capacity is quite similar to starting your own business and you should be aware that you may not necessarily see results in month 1. If you do feel yourself getting anxious or impatient, you could start by reminding yourself that you’re in this for the long-haul, you’re investing in financial freedom and future security and all great assets take time to build. 


To be successful in anything in life you’ll need to be driven. There may be times when things get tough, real tough. Money may be tight, stress levels high and family or friendship dramas may be all around you. These are the moments when you need to have a talk with yourself and keep pushing forward. To be driven is to be self-motivated, self-sufficient and overall self-reliant.

Work Ethic

What time do you start working? What time do you end? You can’t expect to be financially free if you’re lazing around all day. You’ll need to be working hard than those around you, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s. What separates the average from the great is the work ethic they adopt from the inception of their businesses, set yourself up for the success you deserve. Hard work and a good work ethic will help you achieve great things. 


This is the interesting bit because the great thing about working online is that the internet makes the entire world available on your smartphone. So depending on the type of remote job you’ve opted for, you could be using just a smartphone to hustle. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for something a bit more elaborate which has a few links in the chain, then you may need a few more tools to ensure you can execute your plan effectively. Don’t be shy to invest in yourself.


Friend and family. Having your own side hustle has it’s ups and downs and to help you navigate this with great ease, we’d recommend surrounding yourself with the right friends and family. Not everyone is for you and it’s your job to remove yourself from the people that don’t share your drive, work ethic or ideas and these people can stifle your growth. Reach out to be people who are genuine with you and give you honesty and support when you need – everyone you surround yourself should either be hustling with you or reciprocating your energy – the rest? Well, you know what you got to do. 

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